Thursday, 12 January 2017

Antenatal classes, are they worth it?

Last night we had our first Antenatal class provided by NCT. We are on the NCT signature course which apparently allows the group to tailor the information that we get.

The cost of the course was £189.00 and consists of 5 sessions spread out of January. We decided to attend as we have recently moved to the area and don't know many people in the same situation as us. We only have a small handful of friends who have children and some of those live much further afield.

We nervously arrived at our local library and 4 other couples also did the same. We sat awkwardly in a circle exchanging small talk until the instructor began and so did the dreaded Icebreaker activities!

We split into groups which just happened to be male vs female and had to find out about each-other by writing down  a unique thing about ourselves and then one thing we all had in common. It wasn't actually as bad as it sounds and everyone was very friendly. A couple of the girls are the exact same amount of pregnant that I am which is good.

We then went through what we would like to cover and any worries or concerns we had in our groups. It turns out that a lot of the things that I am worried about are affecting the other ladies too, particularly whether we would cope with the pain of labour and how we'll cope with the lack of sleep. C-Sections, what happens if the baby gets stuck and so on.

The men were wondering what they can do to be of help during labour, how to hold a baby safely, when to know that you should be going to the hospital etc. It was really nice to hear what they were worried about.

We then had an overview of the mechanics of labour with some illustrated diagrams, which was anxiety inducing!!

We then had to try out some birthing positions in our couples, which was fairly embarrassing when you've only just met the others, at least everyone else was in the same boat. I found using an exercise ball to bounce on very comfortable and chatting to the instructor about birthing pools etc was very useful. I'm 80% sure I'd like a water birth if possible.

It was quite a full on 2 and a half hours - very informative, I knew a lot less than I thought I knew. Looking forward to next week & getting to know the other ladies a bit better. Its a shame we cant go out for a couple of wines together!

Me - 34.5 weeks pregnant.

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