Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lucky little Sylvester.

Meet my pride and joy, The bonnie to my clyde, The salt to my pepper, The mash to my potato (you get the idea) my LITTLE SYLVESTER.

My gorgeous little VW polo, picked him on the colour obviously, who wouldnt! He's a good little runner, alloy wheels (brother is jealous) and an electric sunroof, he's effectively a convertible.

Today I am giving him a clean, as there is a little bit of mud inside and out from 2000 trees, the muddiest festival I have ever been to in my whole entire life.

Earlier in the week I pre-empted the clean and luckily enough found an accessorize voucher from my birthday that I havent spent yet (not like me).So I popped in on my lunch break and bought this amazing air freshener - £2.50 They have a load of other cool ones to keep your little motor smelling sweet, there were cupcakes, superhero logos, day of the dead skulls and that's all I can remember.

Sylvester is literally the coolest little guy in the lot, all of his friends are going to be so jealous. I can feel it.
Apologies, I am weirdly obsessed with my car.

Unfortunately I cant find this on the Accesorize website, so you'll have to go into store, theyre on the little gifts/gadgets stand.

Emma x

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