Saturday, 4 August 2012

Here's one I made earlier; Headboard

I found this idea in one of my Mum's home improvement magazines, I though it was so creative and simple that I would give it a go.

So I went off to hobby craft to buy my foam and glue, Raided dads shed for the wood, dunelm for the material, and got to work.

Here is what to do:

Step one. Get your glamorous assistant to measure the foam into equal squares.

Step two. Cut the foam into blocks with a saw, it doesn't really matter if they're not 100% perfect as they will be covered in material anyway eventually.

Step Three; Paint your piece of mdf the same colour as the wall you will be attaching it to.

Step four. Cut up your material into squares that will just cover all sides of the foam blocks. Spray the blocks with a permanent Spray adhesive, I got mine from HobbyCraft and it worked perfectly.

Step five; Arrange your blocks into the pattern that you want. I changed my one of the materials right before the end as the green material got stained by the glue. But I love the floral print even more anyway.


Now you can stick the blocks down. We used NO MORE NAILS to glue the foam to the mdf, then left it 48 hours to set before putting it on the wall.

Apologies for the rubbish picture. I'm really pleased with the finished result, now my pillows dont fall out of my bed :)

Special thanks to my Glamorous Assistant Fran, as he did most of the work its got to be said.

Total cost: £30

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  1. this is sooooo cuteeeee, I think I need to borrow Fran for some DIY in my Bristol house... on that note - when are you coming to play? x