Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Skull it.

Lovely package arrived this morning, well this afternoon (lazy postmen) from Regal Rose. I have blogged about their kooky and stylish jewellery before not too long ago. But I have finally bought a necklace that I have wanted for ages.

It was on my Christmas list, but no one bought it for me, so with it now being April, I decided to buy it myself.

I apologise for the photos, it was difficult to take a decent picture on an iPhone, my dads camera is currently unavailable.

The necklace was £10.00 on a 24" silver plated chain. The skull has roses engraved on the top and sides of the charm, its really understated but gorgeous.

I cant wait to get more of their jewellery. I might have to make sure every one i know is aware that I love this website.

Especially this bird skull.


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