Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mutton dressed as... a prostitute.

I came across this story last night, just as I was about to go to bed, somebody had posted it on Facebook, if you watched Loose Women today you have probably already heard it. (Yes I am still unemployed so I get to enjoy the delights of loose women, this morning, cash in the attic etc). So if you're not from the UK or havent heard about this yet, you are in for a treat.

A Mother of FOUR, yes she has four children, has been banned from several nightclubs in her hometown for apparently being "Too old to wear this Get up". As we can all see from the pictures below, it is not that she is too old to wear this stuff, she's only 28; and I'm sure some men would pay to watch her dance around in these outfits. But that's exactly the point. She looks, quite frankly, apologies for being so blunt, like very low rent prostitute. None of this Billie Piper call girl rubbish, a proper dirty one.

She may be a nice person, you never know, but please woman, for your children! DONT GO OUT LIKE THIS.

I'm not with the bouncers saying that she's too old to wear it, they should have just said, the truth, which is, this isn't a strip club, please dress a bit more appropriately, save these for the bedroom.

She's described as a svelte size 6. In these outfits you literally cant tell that she's got a good body, she looks awf.
Where on earth can you buy this stuff?


Any one wanna let me know where I can buy this stuff? I'm thinking of going as her for Halloween.



  1. awful!



  2. Lololol, I always accidently come across this stuff on ebay, type in leather skirt, shorts or dress and the restults will be disturbing.x

  3. Wow #stayclassy! x

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