Saturday, 7 January 2012

I can't live without....

Ok so here are a few of my favourite cosmetic choices. Let me know if you agree with me :) I'm not one for spending a fortune on make up and hair products. However, some of these might be more than your average budget, but I have used these products for years and I lurrrve them.


Coralista cheek blush by Benefit. Ok yes it's expensive at £23.50 BUT it is fantastic, it stays on, it lasts a long time and its such a great colour without being overpowering. I have had mine for years and its not yet broken through to the bottom of the box, even though I use it every day. The best blusher in the world. Kapeesh?


Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara by Maybelline. I try and try these new mascaras that appear on the tv from time to time. The small print on the adverts always says Enhanced in post production and I always end up going back to my trusty old £5 mascara.


I am a creature of habit when it comes to my eyeliner. I use a lot of it, I apply it thickly so a liner that doesn't flake or run is great. I have had this liquid eyeliner; Volume Clubbing by Bourjois. Its precise, Its long lasting. The bottle is now completely unrecognisable all the design has rubbed off but I think its got a couple more weeks in it yet!

Hair Straighteners:
Of course it has to be GHD IV stylers. I have had these straighteners for... jees I cant even remember. Its got to be over 6 years! They are still going strong. There is nothing better than a pair of ghds, they are so fast to heat up, keep your hair straight for so long and leave it feeling fab. Just make sure you spray some heat protection on. I just have a cheap tresemme one. Does the trick.
I've just found these for £79, Free Delivery.. Thats a bangin' good price! 
Get them HERE I've checked and its an authorised seller... You're welcome!

Nail polish:

For Nail polish it has GOT to be Models Own. I'm currently wearing the purple beetle juice, shown above. Which I love. The iridescent colours are fantastic. The bottles are £5 each. And they are now doing sets of 6 polishes for £20. I'm very tempted for the pastel collection.
Great nail polish, long lasting, great colour selection. 

So there you go! Those are my most prominent cosmetic pieces. I'm off to carry on watching Jurassic Park. Such a classic film. I'm loving it.


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