Sunday, 22 January 2012

Hello, Cupcake!

This Sunday evening was spent baking and decorating some lovely (and very tasty if I say so myself) cupcakes.

It is a recipe I have known for years from growing up baking and its all from the top of my head.
6oz self raising flour
6oz caster sugar
1 teaspoon baking power
6oz butter.
3 eggs.

Sift the flour, bla bla, sugar and baking powder... Add butter and eggs.. MIX.
But into paper cases - I used muffin cases, and this made 15, but they are bigguns.
Oven = gas mark 4. 20-25 minutes.

Failsafe recipe. works every time.

For the icing i used 200g of butter and 300g icing sugar, mixed this with vanilla extract, and some yellow food colouring. (Buttercup yo?!) And piping bagged those bad boys. Piping the icing makes them look so professional. They could easily pass for £4 a cake. Just add some edible glitter or some kind of decoration to the top. And bob is your uncle.

Such an easy recipe, I am writing this from the top of my head. I promise.

Check 'em out.

I'm gonna try out some more adventurous designs. Watch this space.



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