Friday, 23 December 2011

Culture Vulture.

Thursday; Incredibly hungover. I ended up going to Bristol on a very impromptu trip to have some beers, have a mooch and do some shopping. It was also my friend Harry's Birthday so it was good to do something different. So myself; Dom, Ben, Ben and Harry bundled into a car and headed to Bristol. I spent the entire journey trying not to be sick to a soundtrack of Oasis, the Strokes and the Stone Roses.

We went to Cheltenham and Gloucester Road, as this is where the majority of the BANKSY art is. Here is some of the art work, banksy and other street artists that we saw:

I loved it.

We then went for lunch in a lovely little cafe / bar / restaurant called Halo.
Then we did a little shopping and I bought this amazing jumper. (apologies for the dirty mirror, I need a better way of taking photos of myself)

From a Shop called Re-psycho: 85 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AS

It was £22 and I knew I couldnt live without it.

What a great day. Far better than my average hangover day wallowing in self pity..
Right I'm off to get drunk again. It is Christmas after all.

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