Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Katie Price; You're not a writer!

So I'm watching This Morning and Katie Price is on promoting her new book. I'm really angry at her as she just admitted that she doesnt actually write the books. "I just don't have the time" and "My fans on twitter will know that my spelling is awful".

How can you call yourself a writer when you don't even write the books, the girl who does write the books doesn't get any recognition, I cant even find her name on searching the web.

So these "novels" are best-sellers, probably bringing in all of her money to afford her 52 acre home and horses, but she didn't even right them, its a complete cheat, and makes me so angry!

What a douche. I hope this Rebecca woman is getting paid A LOT. I appreciate that Katie Price can be called a "business woman" as she has made a lot of money, but she cant call herself an author! 

I guess the fault is in the people who believe that she is talented and actually buy the books, I read a bit of one on holiday once as a friend had it, and it was shite! STOP BUYING HER BOOKS.

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