Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Everybody loves a night in with friends, a picnic, a day out, or just a grabbing lunch. NIVEA are running a competition to win £100s of pounds of goodies just by showing photos of "Closeness" which is what we do every day when we upload photos to Facebook. Pretty easy to do, and fun too.

Here are some of the great snaps that have been posted:


Nivea have commissioned Professor Geoff Beattie a psychologist, to research closeness today and whether today's technology and ways of contact are helping, or hindering our relationships with friends, family and other halves. I for one know that there is nothing better than a chat with friends to cheer you up; just recently I failed my driving test, I was really upset and afterwards didn't want to see anyone, but when I returned home two of my best friends were waiting on my doorstep to cheer me up. And it really worked!

Scientific studies show that being with friends and family can improve your health. Lonliness can obviously cause mental health so that is one of the factors, self esteem as when you are close with people you feel good about yourself, but what's really amazing is that being close with people can lower your blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of breast cancer in women!

That being said; we all fall into the trap of emailing and texting rather than picking up the phone or meeting face to face, I'm definitely guilty of that too! However; sometimes it makes it easier; you can arrange to meet people that you haven't seen for years. And things like skype let me chat to my friends who are off at uni miles away as if we're in the same room. That makes me think that we are closer than ever and that's why I think its great that Nivea are running this campaign. I've entered the million moments of closeness competition with the picture below as it is a photo of me and one of my best friends on a really fun day :) To enter the competition, click on the FACEBOOK page; Click the Like button and then the million moments of closeness tab. Then upload your photo and DONE... Easy peasy.

Feel Closer with Nivea; Have a hug - It's doing you more good than you think! :D

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