Monday, 4 July 2011

No longer a Teen!

It was my Birthday this weekend and I had one of the best Birthday's ever.

Thursday; Finished Work and popped to the pub for "One Drink" and ended up out until 3am. Always the way. Had a great time with some lovely people, didnt pay for a thing (YES) Free Champagne... Woooo.

Friday; MY BIRTHDAY, Woke up with my friend lloyd and ended up going for a brunch at Wetherspoons. A brunch that included half a pitcher of Pimms. (naughty) Then I met Mum for coffee, and received money for a Reading ticket. (YAY) Then met the work colleagues for Drinks and THEN my parents and housemate for Dinner, what a fun packed day.

Saturday; Didnt do very much at all in the day. Then at 8pm, the pals started arriving for drinks and dancing, and I night out at the Two Pigs; my favourite part of town.

I want to show you what I wore but i dont have a good enough photo. Its THIS DRESS in Black, so flattering and comfortable. I want it in all of the colours!

Sunday; VERY hungover... Dont think I've ever been so Hungover in my life, ok thats a complete lie. I have been a lot more hungover than that.

I'm so excited for Reading! Need July and August to hurry! EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I got my ticket at Viagogo - £150 - Bargain I'd say!

Later x

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