Friday, 24 June 2011

Festival Bug!

Hello Campers.

Last week I went to Hurricane Festival in Schee├čel, Germany. I had the best time, the line up was amazing.
If you get the chance to go, I would DEFINITELY recommend it!

My Highlights were:

Darwin Deez - Absolutely Classic. If you don't know who they are, they're an indie band from New York, the best part is, between each song in their set they all do synchronised dance routines which are hilarious.

The Subways - An English alternative Rock band, two guys, one girl. You know the tune; Be My... Be My.... Be My Little Rock n Roll queen. That's them, and I havent stopped listening to them since!

Lastly, but no means least(ly) was Friendly Fires. I wore out their first self titled album. And this year at Hurricane we danced our hearts out, had drunk a fair bit of wine, and danced with a stag do. The stag in a penis costume and the rest of the party in White boiler suits with "tadpoles" drawn on the front. Hilarious.

So children... What have we learnt; Hurricane Festival... DO IT
Tickets €104, Cheaper than Reading, and Glasto. Blink 182 headlining next year.

Ryanair flights in advance for about £10. Absolute Bladdy Bargain!

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